Access to my NAS disks from Internet, for movie streaming

Hello, how can i access to my NAS / HDD no my omnia from internet ? Like standard NAS. I have UPC connection with public IP. I have to use OpenVPN client solution ?

Internet -> UPC modem (public IP) -> Turris Omnia (local IP 192.***) -> USB HDD

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  1. option (my favorite) switch UPC modem/router to modem/bridge mode so you’ll have public IP on Turris Omnia WAN port

  2. option … map port on UPC modem

in both cases keep in mind to use some kind of authentication to keep your files safe and not available for everyone (mentioned OpenVPN could be good solution). other private cloud possibilities were discussed here as well. try to search a little.

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i would recommend openvpn for security reasons

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