About the Turris OS 4.x category

This was a category for testing the prerelease of new Turris OS version 4.0 (and its patch releases). Turris 4.0 was already released and discussion is moved to parrent category #sw

Ok, thanks Turris team to create this separate thread for Turris4.0 alpha-testers discussions.

I’m the first alpha-tester of it :slight_smile:

Is there any other one? Let yourself know …


Sorry … only small question.

How do you solve the problem with mising package “kmod-mmc-fsl-p2020”?

It is probably some dependicies of updater-ng.

Thanks in advance

I’m not. But what are the advantages of running it? I mean, lxc-containers, openvpn, nextcloud and more work really well on the old 3.x branch.

You are true … on 3.x everything works better.
But … I think the Turris team needs some testers for new 4.x system … or not?

Well, that’s the point, they’re not interested in testers. I quote:

OK … it’s your choice.
This is the section for alpha testers only, so it is useless for you to contribute to it

But that’s the point. They’re not interested in alpha testers at the moment, so by definition there cannot be any alpha testers at the moment. In other words any feedback on Turris 4.0 is at the moment useless.

Sometimes no point is the point. I like to read this.

You guys are funny…