Ability to Create MOX module that Supplies PoE w/o Injector?

I have an idea for a new module like module C but don’t know if it would be feasible to make.

Perhaps create a module with 4x ethernet ports like module C, but that all supply PoE natively on the ethernet ports, like a PoE ethernet switch.

Since power supply requirement would change, maybe add a barrel connector to the board so a different power supply could be connected to the ethernet module itself instead of MOX module A.

Instead of powering MOX by the 12V power supply or PoE going into MOX A maybe, if possible, power the entire MOX from the power supply going into the new MOX module that supplies PoE on its ethernet ports.

This would be an interesting addition and I think provide a lot more functionality for users of MOX if it were possible to make such a board or something similar.

Just thought I would share the idea :smiley:

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That would be interesting indeed but I doubt it would find its audience worth designing this. Also the form factor of MOX module is pretty small to fit all the power switches necessary for PoE and power dissipation can be also a challenge.

I think it’s much more economical to buy an off-the-shelf managed PoE switch and connect to mox in a router-on-a-stick scenario.

Just to mention it here, things like 4-port 802.3at injectors exist in a small form factor. It’s not the same solution as a real MOX-module, but it might solve the problem.