"A Tango on the Turris Omnia" - Quality HW and SW need not be hard!

"The Turris Omnia is the first home router I’ve liked in a while, good cpu, and capable of pushing out a lot of packets. It turned out SamKnows uses them to measure > 1gbit broadband also. I ended up firing off an email to sam saying: “Sam, you can’t use this router; it’s completely non-representative of the typical consumer experience today. The quality cpu and the modern software stack are really biasing your measurements compared to everything else out there!” @Dave_Taht - The Father of Bufferbloat



The continuation of that exchange with Sam knows:

And I’m like: “Exactly. Please use some steaming pile of crap if you want to accurately measure a more typical consumer internet experience.” Sam: “I’m sorry Dave, we can’t do that.”

had very strong 2001 vibes, but it tuns out the exact quote would have been: “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”, close enough I guess, AND evidence that SAM is not HAL :wink:

Also something easily overlooked, the Omnia started shipping in 2016 IIRC, so Dave’s recent (and justified) praise for the omnia’s suitability for today’s internet should give team turris warm and fuzzy feelings (and reminds me what a decent job team turris has been/is doing in keeping the omnia’s OS recent).


That’s right. Hope that @Dave_Taht will read this :slight_smile: too.

Turris Omnia has tons of unrealized potential.

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Sir, yes, sir, that’s right @kixorz

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