A couple of PaKon questions

I had some questions/comments about 3.10, mostly related to PaKon.

  1. The “Storage” setup would have me format my mounted SSD and mount it as /srv. As my setup is pretty custom, that wont really work for me, but I’ve got the /srv/pakon and /srv/suricata (along with my /srv/lxc) linked into my /mnt/sda1 disk.

Are there any other directories for Pakon or Suricata that I should be aware of to link into my SSD?

  1. When I go to the Pakon web interface I don’t see any data. I only see this:

Am I blocking a resource I shouldn’t?
Or is there a package missing?
Is it not capable of traversing filesystem links?

I have similar issue (newly installed pakon, lot of deviation in configuration …and want to redirect it).

This worked fine for me.

  1. Stop suricata-pakon, pakon-handler.
  2. Transfer data from actual /srv/xxxx to new destination.
  3. Remove actual folder+data, create symlink to new location
  4. Start services.
  5. check pakon in foris :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply.

That’s what I did. I just wanted to make sure there weren’t any other hiding places.

I also wanted to make sure the web interface wasn’t freaked out by the filesystem links.

For me Pakon web interface is not working in Safari but is working fine in Firefox.

That’s here now: Pakon webUI - Failed to load data

I was using Firefox on Debian 8.

I got it to work fine on Firefox from other hosts and from Iron (Chrome variant) on the original host.

I’m happy enough.