802.11n/ac/ax mode


I’ve configured the Wi-Fi in my office, but unfortunately, my colleagues are complaining about issues with their smartphones. Essentially, they say that when they arrive at the office, their devices connect to Wi-Fi, but after a while, they have to disconnect from Wi-Fi and use their phone’s 4G data network because the Wi-Fi doesn’t work, even though they are still connected. I’ve tried everything. If I use the official Turris driver, randomly after a while, one or both of the Wi-Fi interfaces self-deactivate and turn gray, so I’ve used alternative drivers. With the alternative drivers, the smartphone clients don’t work properly.

The 802.11n/ac/ax mode has always been set to:

802.11ac - 80 MHz wide channel

I thought there might be an interference problem, so I restored the original drivers and reset the Wi-Fi once again. However, I’m not entirely clear on what I should choose among these values:

802.11n - 20 MHz wide channel
802.11n - 40 MHz wide channel
802.11ac - 20 MHz wide channel
802.11ac - 40 MHz wide channel
802.11ac - 80 MHz wide channel

The Turris is up to date with the latest software releases:

reForis version: 1.4.1
Turris OS version: 6.4.4
Turris OS branch: HBS
Kernel version: 5.15.135

Thank you

Ac 20 MHz should be the most compatible.

Gennerally phone will disconnect you if your internet is not working.
There could be other problems - channel number is as important as channel width.

Can you try installing WiFiAnalyzer package to your phone and run it?
It should help explaining what’s wrong.

Thank you all for the answers. I’ll try the 20 MHZ and also to install WiFiAnalyzer.

If they are permanently disconnecting, I think it is due to 802.11w. When you look in LuCI into System Log, you will probably see many messages containig AP-STA-DISCONNECTED

If they are connected, but have no internet, the reason could be in their phones. I myself have noticed such behaviour on my phone (Android) last week. Reset of network setting (wifi, data, bluetooth) in the phone helped. I suspect number of saved wifi networks was causing that. There was only 29 networks saved but, who knows… Or, maybe, some update by Google.