5GHz wifi not visible without guest network

I didn’t need the guest network on the 5GHz wifi so I deleted it. I then noticed that my “normal” 5GHz network was not visible on any client.

As a workaround, I recreated a dummy 5GHz network that I disabled and this make my “normal” 5GHz network visible again.

2.4GHz are not affected by the presence of the extra 5GHz network.

TurrisOS 5.3.0 5e8b9624f1791d193e8d5e007ce4c873454f014a / LuCI branch git-21.301.66621-6335d0f

The description is not accurate enough to deduce what you did wrong. Did you perform the event in reForis or Luci? (not delete - but turn off)


Thanks for the quick reaction! I did the changes on Luci. I had guessed that more info were needed but I don’t know which one to send.

By the way, I see only the “normal” network and the button to enable the guest wifi in the page you show in ReForis. I don’t see the third and forth wifi networks there.

First basic settings in reForis …enable Guest Network Settings and after that enable Guest for each required specific wifi (2.4 or 5Ghz)

I’m sorry but there must be a misunderstanding, I don’t want to enable the guest network on the 5GHz wifi. I just wanted to say that without 5GHz guest network, the “normal” 5GHz is not active (I mean that clients don’t see the wifi network).

Misunderstanding - I would allow master and guest at 5 Ghz in reForis and edit in Luci.

or reset youre main 5Ghz from Lan to Guest

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I think that the issue is more general. I disabled one of the wifi network in LuCi. In the following screenshot you can see that the network Doma.g is disabled but the diagram shows that there are still some clients connected to it.