5GHz WiFi is missing

There is no 5GHz WiFi setting in Forris. I can only make 2.4GHz settings. The Turris Omnia is up to date and reset. I also checked the antenna connections as explained in the wiki. Looks correct.

I have connected all 3 antennas, is that correct? Did I miss something?

Who can help?

There are probably some hints in the kernel/syslog (accessible via ssh or LuCi). Look for entries pertaining to ath10k_pci, ath and ieee80211

Also from ssh cli iw list |& iwinfo.

This maybe related to Omnia 3.10 disappeared Wi-Fi.

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Without additional details, it’s just guess. I’d suggest to read article for Error reporting, which is in our documentation, so we can look at it.

same here. The solution was to go to wifi settings in forris, change nothing, and press save. Et voila, it;s back again.

Thanks, but I can’t find any related error message.

I will do that.

This does not help in my case.

hi there. Must admit that the 5G is alsogone here. After that rebot it did work for a few dats, but now it is gone. It still is available in Forris, but it is gone as working AP.
happened after the latest update. 2.4 is still working.

Same happened to me. I have not touched TO settings for months, now I noticed, 5GHz wifi option is gone. Any ideas or fixes?

In my case it seems to be a hardware error and I will create a warranty case after consulting the support.

My Omnia suffers from same problem and it seems it’s common problem. From time to time the card stops working until reboot, but it may not come up even with several reboots. It’s happening since it was brand new, OS updates had no effect on it so I assume it’s HW problem, someone screwed up.

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Guys, @Dan case might be different than yours and we’re still waiting to receive unit from him, so we’ll be able to look at it. :slight_smile:

@DIKKEHENK, @jirkadus Would you please send us diagnostics to tech.support@turris.cz?

@Xeevis that seems to me like strong words, I suggest reading the thread which @ssdnvv posted, but I’d like to look at it if it isn’t software related. Would you please read Error reporting article in our documentation and send us diagnostics before the reboot?

Please apologize, I didn’t mean to say that all cases are hardware problems and warranty cases. Many wifi problems can be solved with the tips from the forum.

In case of doubt, open a ticket and check with support.

I emailed support about this, about a half dozen times, and they just dropped it entirely. whoever picked the components for the TO made a really big mistake. I still do not have functioning 5ghz wifi on mine.

Have you tried a re-flash router? I also disappeared 5GHz WiFi (I do not know why not even after deleting /etc/config/wireless). I fixed it via the medkit file.

You reached us in 2017 and we haven’t received your response from you for year and half, so it was closed by a system. If you still experience the issue, you don’t figure it out on the forum. I suggest you look at the ticket, which you created or create a new one.

//EDIT: Going through all the history of your ticket and I see, we requested to send the unit for RMA, but you propose if we can send the wifi card to you and we told you that the replacing card not always work.

Hi there. I think i found the dissapearing 5G issue here. As soon as Pakon is actually working ( not just active, but active and working ) 5Gwifi is gone.
I re started 5G wifi, and works now, but/and Pakon is active but not working. ( stopped collecting data, still get the yesterdays data )
send you the logs.

best, Dikke