500 Internal Server Error


I am getting a 500 error luci works.

any idea.

Did you look through the 35 threads that the forum search turns up on the subject?


Notwithstanding, the initial post being short of basic information:

  • hardware platform, e.g. Mox, Turris, Turris Omina
  • TOS version
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I can not find an answer for this issue. I need access to this gui apparently to fix the borken local dns
Can you help please.

Please provide useful information, especially Logs!

See here for how to get them: Support - Turris Documentation

If you want an instant solution and you don‘t have a too much customized configuration you can just do a factory reset. You will need to start from scratch then. See here:
Omnia: Redirecting...
Mox: Redirecting...

I‘d recommend a 4 LED Factory reset foe Omnia or Rescue Mode 6 or 4 for MOX so that you start from latest stable firmware…

Last but not least you should definitly read answears of people who try to help you…

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I just installed the latest stable version of Turris OS: 5.1.4 (4 LED Factory reset) to my Turris Omnia (I used the latest 3.x version before) - As far as I know this was clean installation as I need to setup everything…

I additionally installed yamon and luci-app-access-control_0.4.3_all.ipk and continue with configuration (e.g. I changed my router ip to

Then I run pkgupdate and it required reboot. After reboot luci stop to work with: “500 Internal Server Error”. I uninstalled luci-app-access + other not needed apps, rebooted rooter, but it did not help.

I tried to check logs at /var/logs, but I did not find there anything about luci. Foris, Reforis, and Yamon works.
How to make luci working again? Where I have to check for reason of “internal server error”?

I “solved” this by remove all luci packages with:
opkg list-installed | grep luci | cut -f 1 -d ' ' | xargs opkg remove --force-removal-of-dependent-packages
and then running pkgupdate that reinstalled all necessary packages once gain. Now luci is working.