500 - Internal Server Error -> Can't connect to Turris Omnia

Hello everybody,

I had my Turris Omnia connected to my FritzBox (to start exploring the Turris Omnia without changing my current setup yet.)

While I was on vacation, I’ve received a downtime notification for the Turris Omnia. Nobody used the router since I’ve left.

Back home I couldn’t find any of the Wifi networks and wasn’t able to connect to the router via a network cable. After I’ve unplugged the router and powered it up again, the Wifi networks appeared again and I I’m now able to connect to the router via Wifi and cable.

Unfortuanately, I’m not able to connect to the web interface ( I get the following message: “500 - Internal Server Error”. When I try to use SSH to get access, I receive “Permission denied” after typing in my password.

I’ve no idea what I could do or what may have happened.

Looking forward to your help!

I was messing with my Omnia which had arrived today and when i set the AC wifi-card to use 802.11n instead of ac to test something, i also got “500 - internal server Error” when i tried to click on “edit”. Only then i got the error. When i connected using a cable, i still got the same response. After i disabled the wifi-network and changed it back to 802.11ac, then it responded normal again.

So i guess is not something specifiek.

That would make it worse! The router was in idle mode and now it’s kind of useless… I guess I’ll have to try to reset it.

We have to wait a little more for the updates to arrive. I THINK we will receive them well before end of the year. If i remember correctly, this 500 internal error was also part of the bug fixes.

Thanks for this information! I’ll wait a bit :slight_smile:

So by the time my TO arrives (5 to 7 days) all these glitchs will be sorted out by everyone and I will have a complete user/setup guide, thanks all! :wink:

I triggered it by changing the country on the wireless card… now I just get 500 errors when I try to look at the wireless.

Well i just received mine now about a week ago. Many topics that i read back then and tried to help, now i truly understand what they were referring to. Also, because i did read those topic and gain the necessary knowledge it was very easy for me to apply it to my Omnia.

Will those glitches etc. be sorted out within 1 week? That i do not know, because we still have to wait for the update to arrive. I do have the feeling that before the end of this year many bugs and problems will be solved. It’s just like a train leaving a station…first slowly …then gets faster and faster. I THINK we will have a product that each and every one of us just by looking at it, we would be very proud to have backed. In my case it will save me like €150 each year…because now i do not have to have my NAS on 24/7 and my old Draytek Vigor 2920n was using like 18 Watt. The Omnia will do the job of both :slight_smile: .

I would first adivice you if you have not done it already…try to experiment with the Omnia using a cable. If you have changed all the settings including the wifi and they work…but right now you get the 500 error if you click on the settings of the wireless card. Well leave it like that as long as the wifi-acces point works.

If you do want to change some settings, first disable the wifi-card by clicking on disable then you are able to go to settings. That was in my case with the 5 GHz card.

Alternate option: set txpower to the minimum and the channel to auto before switchting the country. After switching everything should work fine.

I’ve already tried that.

I’m not able to get into the menu at all:

@M4x, So if you have disabled the 5 GHz card, you are still not able to go in to the settings page?

I wasn’t able to disable the 5 GHz card because I wasn’t able to access the web interface.

I’ve tried to login just now and the 500 error is gone (I guess because of an update?). Unfortunately I’m still not able to access the wifi settings. While trying, an unexpected error occurred. This happens when I’m trying to go to any settings submenu after logging in. I’ve attached the error log (**you have to change the file ending from csv to html
**) and I’ve e-mailed it to the turris team.

foris-error.csv (7.6 KB)


Doesn’t matter for now to access through LuCi.

You could try via /etc/config/wireless

Set all the settings there.

Also check if the wlan0 is up with ifconfig.

Have the 5GHz settings. abit like this. Off course the country on your own country. Also check iw reg get if it is on your own country. Change and keep the channel on 36 and don’t use higher tx-power then 20.

config wifi-device 'radio0'
        option type 'mac80211'
        option hwmode '11a'
        option path 'platform/soc/soc:pcie-controller/pci0000:00/0000:00:02.0/  0000:02:00.0'
        option htmode 'VHT80'
        option country 'NL'
        option channel '36'
        option txpower '20'