4 ports - SATA3 - PCI-E

Do you think this extension adapter will work with Turris 1.0?
At first step I plan use 2 x 4TB HDD and setup them into RAID 1. At future I plan to add additional. Because Turris 1.0 doesn’t have 12V voltage I plan to use external power source with 5V (I plan to power some USB device from it) and 12V.

This card I have and tried it on Turris 1.0 and it’s working. You dont need to install anything.

I created manual:
https://www.turris.cz/doc/cs/public/marvell9215 (but I also said there that you need to figure out how to power HDDs, because I didn’t look at it yet.)

There is way how to power HDD (not sure about multiple HDD) from Turris - can be found here on forum, but I think it is very dangerous.

Anyway I think that you need to figure it how you will power it.
On old forum there’s a link for MOLEX power supply, but it has only 2A. So one maybe two HDDs will handle. So you need to buy two adapters or adapter, which has atleast 5A for 4 HDD.

And I asked Emko yesterday about Turris rack resurrection I’m waiting for their reply. :slight_smile:

About power:
I was looking for two types of sources which I found at MeanWell.

  1. RD-85A have 8A/5V and 4A/12V
  2. RID-1205 have 3A/5V and 9.2A/12V

I have Turris 1.0 so I have to use own Power source, because Turris 1.0 doesn’t have 12V. More interesting for me is option 1, because I plan use 5V also for powering some USB devices/FANs. They have it also like RID (Isolated output), but it is not avalaible now.