3-LED-(factory) reset : are wifi settings saved?

I have an issue which got just no replies here, that I described long ago, having Nextcloud disappear when I updated to Turris 5. This I share at least with @vkolacek .
The only thing left to me in this circumstance is a factory reset I think.
I have one single question : if I do a factory reset, will at least some of my basic settings be maintained (like the wifi names and passwords, so that I don’t just cut everything in the house)?
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Of course not, but you can backup these configuration files or revert them via schnapps.

Thank you Viktor for the quick reaction!
Alas I suspected the obvious, bot one still can dream…

I have tried to revert innumerable times via Foris and Luci, to no avail.
I cannot even imagine what it would require to use schnapps, specially given the minuscule documentation associated.

My conclusion is I’ll wait until the minimum number of people rely on internet here, the break everything with the factory reset and try to recreate all the networks and Nextcloud.

And never attempt any update from Turris.

I am still happy to have contributed to a fun machine for geeks with an accent on independence, but I cannot consider it a reliable device.

It´s not true.

That’s misleading, to say the least.

Are you contact support with your issue?

Thank you Viktor for reacting on a sunday!
Reacting on your reactions :wink:

  • I know docs.turris.cz/geek… I read it before and clearly I am not able to use it. It sounds like I have to connect a terminal to the Turris, for instance; this already is an issue for my level of competence.
  • As for upgrades : all my trouble, lasting for months now, comes from trying an upgrade. This upgrade killed my Nextcloud instance, and including up to this minute I found nowhere an explanation to solve it.
    Indeed my question here in this post means I renounce to solving the issue and I consider restarting everything from scratch.
  • As for support : you are right, I’m in contact only with this forum, not with the official support. I ignored I could do that, having been only here from the beginning.
    Do you really believe they have a solution for Nextcloud? I suspect that if they had, it would have surfaced here, or in response to @vkolacek posts on the same problem. And as with the passing of weeks I already tried to delete the external storage, my cloud has been deleted anyway. So back to factory reset…

Schnapps have reForis tab.

I don´t believe, I trust.

Up to you.