3.7.1 is in RC with OpenVPN 2.4.3 and fixes!

Dear Turristers,
3.7.1 is now in RC, you’re welcome to test it and share your experience here.

Changes are:
• kernel: security update to the newer version
• opnvpn: security update to the newer version (fixing CVE-2017-7521)
• knot: security update to the newer version
• luci-ssl: fix dependencies
• foris: fix data collecting
• printing: cups removed from userlist for old turris routers

:eyes: We have found a bug (caused by a kernel update) that could turn off the 5GHz network on Omnia in some specific conditions.


  1. RC has been reverted on Omnia, is up and running on Turris 1.x
  2. Bug fixed, transmission-web package added.
  3. We are building the release.
  4. RC will be released for both models tomorrow.

RC2 had been released including 5GHz fix and transmission-web package.

Happy testing, deploy should be tomorrow!

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I want to warn about forris error - home automation installing via forris does nothing.
only luci opkg works.

Yep. There was just plain -- TODO fill in O:-). But nobody noticed since Omnia came out. Thank you for reporting it. It will be fixed in one of the following fixup releases.

Czech: Dnes ráno (cca v 9:00) byly vydány další RC verze pro Turris i Omnii (link do repa)
The same in English: The other version of RC was released this morning for both (Turris and Omnia) routers.


Tady vás někdo ukouše, píšete jim do angl. fóra česky… :grinning:


3.7.1 has been released for all, enjoy the fixes!