3.6.1 update - stats plugins disabled

After 3.6.1 update my statistics plugins are disabled, configuration deleted (ping plugin for example) and rrd storage directory reverted back to /tmp/rrd
Why every update broke something?

I can confirm same issue for my omnia

Device Turris Omnia - RTROM01
Turris OS version 3.6.1
Kernel version 4.4.51-627f0117679bc72ef5e58881035f567a-3

Same here. Very annoying.

Thank you for information. I’m also very very disappointed with unreliable Turris updates. It means only that NIC doesn’t test updates thoroughly. They should definitely adopt multilevel release approach 1) their internal tests, 2) update released to testers in public, 3) final release. I would also recommend to NIC more communicate the update problems with people on this forum. There is complete “radio silence” since 3.6 update release. People complained and NIC said nothing suddenly new unreliable update appeared. NIC you should at least confirm problems reported…

Sorry for not informing you. Bug merged from mainline was that file /etc/config/luci_statistics wasn’t marked as configuration any more. In 3.6.1 we fixed it. But as package was updated to fix this it also overwritten that file once again, because it wasn’t marked as configuration file. So there was no other way around it. As I wrote, this shouldn’t happen with next major release, but we had to fix it now to not do it in major release.

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Same with Turris v1.1

I install/setuped collectd just yesterday, go to the 3.6.1 even without noticing it :slight_smile: but luci-statistics script - I dont get it. It looks like it just copy collectd.conf somewhere else, after parsing it? No, thanks.

I quickly found, that luci-statistics dont need to be run at all. I just configure /etc/collectd.conf to get what I need, and it still works through Luci web interface, fortunatelly (with exception of thermal module, sadly… propably because old version on turris repo).

So I install collectd and his luci module, but enabled autostart only for collectd, not luci-statistics script.

Vanitas vanitatum…