3.5.2 release notes missing switch fix, although fix is in that release

3.5.2 seems to fix the problem that the Omnia had with some Ethernet devices, that on powerup of the Omnia sometimes the Ethernet ports would stay offline even if an active device was connected to them ( Swich ports offline if plugged during boot ) However it looks like the notes for 3.5.2 dropped mention of the fix, although it seems to be there. the notes for 3.5.2 just say

  • ntpd: updated to the last version fixing various security issues
  • knot-resolver: removed AD flag in forwarding mode
  • opkg & lxc: default URL changed to repo.turris.cz instead of api.turris.cz

whereas a previous version of the notes here did say

  • updated and fixed switch driver

Looks like an accidental omission, but given that this was a fairly commonly reported problem wanted to highlight that 3.5.2 does fix it, although it’s not in the notes.


committed by @miska
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Thanks @tonyquan for making us aware about this fix in release 3.5.2 and thanks @miska for implementing it!

Credits belongs to @brill who debugged and fixed it :wink: