2x Turris Omnia 2GB, with wall mount, for sale

Hi All,
After playing with my Turris Omnia for some months, I have decided to sell it. Works fine. My reason is that it is more complex than I had expected and whilst I was looking forward to learning more about it, I have to be realistic and I accept I am probably never going to find the time to learn it, and never use much of its full potential. Better off in the hands of someone who appreciates it more.
So, for sale is:
Two Blue case Turris Omnia router with the 2 GB RAM upgrade and wall mounts.
One of The Omnia’s has been used for approx. six months, the other one has only been testet a few times.
My total price was more than $300USD each, including shipping.
Asking $250USD per router, plus shipping.
Pretty good deal still given the price of a new Omnia now.
Located in Sweden, but can ship anywhere at buyers expense.

SOLD both of them!


I have some questions :

  • How much for one Turris Omnia 2GB sent to France?
  • Do you accept payment by PayPal?
  • Will the Turris be sent in his original packaging with its power supply and antennas?

Best regards

A 2 kg parcel will cost approximately 35€ to send to France. I will send you the complete original box with antennas, power supply and wall mount. Yes I do accept payment via PayPal:slight_smile: please let me know if you are interested. Thank you


So, the turris omnia plus shipping costs for a total of 235 € ?

Best regards

The price will be 250+35= 285€


You mentioned in your first message a price of 250$, is currently around 201€.
If the price is 236€ (shipping cost include), i’m your guy.

Best regards.

Yea my fault! I’m confusing myself with the currencies. 250 USD + 35€ is my price :wink:


Send me a PM with the email address for PayPal payment.
Is it possible for you to send me the Turris Omnia that you only used for a few tests?

Best regards

I just paid.
You will find in comment of the payment PayPal, my address for delivery and my email address for picture

I’ve sent you an email!