2 Internet connections to one Omnia

Dear all, I am anything else than an expert, therefore maybe a stupid question. We have our internet connection wireless by a local community and now I got the offer of my mobile phone provider to get another wired connection in a bundle with the phones. We have a company network connected to the Turris router and I am considering to use both internet connections for more safety (we work a lot in the cloud and the WifFi connection is sometimes down) and maybe also more speed.

Is it technically possible to do this and how?

Yes, I think so. I have no real knowledge myself, but there’s documentation how to do it with LTE and several mwan3 threads on this forum.

as said; there is the mwan3 package to make use of multiple upstreams and serveral threads in this and the openwrt forum. you have to make your own policies of what should use which connection thou.
a local web-proxy server may be helpful to better make use of the available bandwidth without breaking web-apps.

but to “combine” the connections (get more download speed for a single transfer than either connection could provide alone), you need a remote server and a tunnel.
there are paid services for this (search forums)

either will obviously introduce a point(s) of failure … YMMV

Thanks you so far, wil try to understand it…