2.5 Gbps SFP in Omnia

Looking at the specs for the latest Omnia and noticed that the SFP slot supports up to 2.5Gbps transfer rate: is that transfer rate fully supported? Has anyone tried this router with a 2.5Gbps module?
Asking because I want to use it with an ISP that uses SFP module that supports 2.5 Gbps max.

LAN side is the problem. I believe I read the HW can pass 2G traffic. The limit is there due to the LAN switch being connected to CPU by a pair of 1G ports. I think with Turris 4.x there was an issue with DSA changes in kernel causing that only one of the pair could be used, but I assume that issue is gone now.

Well, the plan is 1.5Gbps down and 1Gbps up, but to get that speed the SFP module must sync at the non-standard 2.5Gbps, which almost no hardware supports. That is why I am trying to be very cautious before making an investment into an Omnia.

Before making an investment into an Omnia check compatibility with SFP module first.

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Some SFP gpon (ma5671a and g-010s-p) with unlocked Uboot you can set 2.5gbps speed

And MA5671A SFP is working with Omnia?

Thanks; looks like I am out of luck here: SFP ONT model number: MA5671A. And if it requires unlocking to make it work, then it is unfortunately a no-go for me.

The SFP modules that my ISP is using are already set to sync at 2.5Gbps & 1Gbps, so it is a matter of finding a router/switch that supports 1) this module and 2) this speed.

No its no working the oonly sfp that i have tested that works is a DFP-34g-2c2 with Zte Chipset

It is worth mentioning that ODI has already released the fifth version of DFP-34G-2C2 modules
This time they have used Realtek SoC RTL9601D which can be switched to 2.5Gbps by changing the variable LAN_SDS_MODE

Another GPON SoC RTL9601CI is used in the US by Google Fiber for their 2Gbps service. The Google SFP modules GFLT210 design comes from Cigtech. This would indicate that the Ubiquiti UF-Instant which also have RTL9601CI inside, could theoretically be switched to HSGMII.