2,4Ghz Wifi is toggling / went offline every 10min for 10sec


we have a strange behavior with some of our Turris Omnias (Firmware 3.10.3 and older).
We use them in a larger Wifi Setup with two external accesspoints. AP1 on Channel 1, Turris Omnia on Channel 7, AP2 on Channel 13.

On the locations, we had strange things with the Wifi Clients. Lost connections, and first we don’t know why.
We did some research with “Wifi Analyzer” and we saw, that the Wifi Signal from the Turris Omnia os going offline ever 10min for 10sec (approximated). It doesn’t matter if the are clients connected to the Turris or not. Wifi is going down and the clients have to switchover on one of the two external APs. We have nothing in the logfiles of the Turris.

Our solution at the moment is deactivating the Wifi from Turris and hoping that someone here can help…

Hmm, this would explain why a mobile phone is often reporting very low signal for me – i.e. why it often “prefers” the distant non-Turris AP.

Can you login to SSH on Omnia and check “option wpa_group_rekey“ in /etc/config/wireless"?
If there is 600 you can try to increase it to 86400.

It’s 86400 for me already, but I’m not yet sure I’m getting exactly the same problem. (I don’t think I have changed such a setting.)

The option was not present in the config file. I’ve set it now to 86400 and will have a look. But from my point of view this couldn’t be the reason for a complete missing wifi signal?

The rekeying is done with wifi signal on?

do you see following log in syslog during the WIFI drop: 2018-07-23 14:59:23 info hostapd[]: wlan0: STA ab:cd:ef:12:34:56 IEEE 802.11: disconnected due to excessive missing ACKs ?