2.4GHz wifi adapter became slower, 5GHz adapter became faster


For about 2 weeks 2.4GHz wifi adapter is constantly 2times slower than before and on the other hand 5GHz wifi adapter is faster than before(almost reaching uplink speed), which is incredibly good.

I haven’t changed anything in config files, and drivers are the default drivers.
There is no change in the amount of 2.4GHz clients(with single client is same).
Signal level is very good from few meters away, around -35dBm. But from the other room is around 60dBM.
No cpu/memory eating process.
No packet drops etc.
Both adapters performing very stable, just the 2.4GHz one became slower.

What could be the reason? Any ideas?

Turris Omnia 2020, OS v5.3.1.

Maybe something changes in your wifi coverage?
Maybe your neighboors changes their wifi to different channel? Maybe you enabled wireless bells and thats why there is interference on 2.4GHz. Check with WifiAnalyzer app what is there else besides your wireless networks.

Yes I already tried better channel by checking WifiAnalyzer, didn’t help.
Both adapters performing very stable, just the 2.4GHz one became constantly 2 times slower than before.

Is it possible that 2.4GHz can have more interference from magnetic fields?
One recent change is that router is now surrounded by TV, AVR, IPTV set-top box, Speaker and Sub-woofer, all these connected by cable, currently I don’t have option to move router to the another place, it is a lot of cabling work. But why 5GHz is not affected is a question.
Another recent change is that I installed internal SSD and had to move 2.4GHz wifi adapter to the leftmost pci slot. I installed very carefully and gently, didn’t force anything.

System is very stable, nothing abnormal.

Also recent updates happened simultaneously with above changes, maybe something wrong with the driver or kernel.

Btw this adapter originally never passed above 60/80Mbps (down/up) speed, constantly was around 60/80, now it is 30/40Mbps. How much speed can we get from this adapter?

Anyone recently experienced similar problem?


Finally found above, exactly the same problem I have currently.

My setup is same since I installed msata ssd to the rightmost slot and moved 2.4GHz adapter to the leftmost, and 5GHz remained in the middle as it was.

So if I move 2.4GHz adapter to the middle slot will it solve the problem?

Solved the issue. Pigtail connections were wrong on one of the diplexers, 2.4GHz was connected to the 5.8 end and vice versa.

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