YAMon 3.4.8 is available

The first update in a long time…
Lots of minor changes and fair bit of code simplification (which’ll hopefully provide a number of small efficiency improvements).

If you’re not familiar with YAMon, it’s an add-on package that provides per device usage monitoring… for more detals, see http://usage-monitoring.com/about.php

To update, probably the best thing to do is rerun install.sh again or go to the manual install page (http://usage-monitoring.com/manualInstall.php)

Features, fixes and updates in 3.4.8:

  • if you have a guest network, you can break that out as part of the measured at the router totals. Updates so that you can actually see this info in the reports are pending
  • the checkusers.sh file is now included with the downloads (to check the integrity of your users.js file)… NB, you must run the file manually
  • a number of improvements for the incomplete entries which you might see sneaking into your users.js file
  • I found and fixed a gross bug in the code that adds the daily usage to the monthly totals file… the incompletes were not being added properly… I will probably have to write a script that allows you to correct the historical values - stay tuned for more about that
  • lots of under-the-cover changes in h2m.sh (and found/fixed a another gross bug that seemed to be messing up the date on my Turris router after running h2m.sh)

I will add a more detailed change log file on the server shortly…

I’ve been testing extensively on my Turris router (which runs an OpenWrt variant) and to a lesser extent on my DD-WRT test router. I know (only too well) that there will likely be a number of router/firmware variant combinations which’ll have troubles. As always, let me know what I’ve missed… scream and shout in this forum and then send details, logs, screenshots, etc. to questions@usage-monitoring.com.