YAMon 3.3.6 available

I just posted a quick update to YAMon that fixed an issue with one of the iptables chains (that caused local traffic to get incorrectly tallied). It has been fixed.

If you have YAMon on your router, run install.sh again or go to http://usage-monitoring.com/download.php. I also cleaned up the usage-monitoring.com website and added more details to the download page.

Thanks! (sorry for the grief this may have caused in your traffic totals)



Thanks for the update. I ran the installer and it hung executing #21 (Create YAMon init script in /etc/rc.local?). I typed 1, pressed return, it never finished. Running 3.8.5 on my Omnia. Ctrl-c ended the script after I waited 20 minutes.

#cat setup3.3.6.log
_firmware β†’ 6
_ispBillingDay β†’ 1
_unlimited_usage β†’ 0
_updatefreq β†’ 30
_publishInterval β†’ 2
_symlink2data β†’ 1
_wwwPath β†’ /tmp/www/
_wwwURL β†’ /yamon
_organizeData β†’ 1
_enableLogging β†’ 0
_doLiveUpdates β†’ 1
_doArchiveLiveUpdates β†’ 1
_doDailyBU β†’ 1
_tarBUs β†’ 1
_dnsmasq_conf β†’ /tmp/etc/dnsmasq.conf
_dnsmasq_leases β†’ /tmp/dhcp.leases
startup_delay β†’ 30

Hmmm… I’ll check again here. I don’t recall seeing that issue (and it would’ve been easy to spot).