WTF with the very hardly tightened screws?

Hi, I saw reports of loose screws inside the Omnia, but in my case it was quite the opposite: the screws were almost impossible to unscrew! It really hurt my wrist (and needed a very good screwdriver) to remove all the screws, either the ones for the mPCIe slots or the board’s one — and I almost broke two of them. On the other side, I had loose antenna screws, but this is a known issue. Could you find a middle ground between the two? I never saw any screw so much tightened in any electronic device I took apart; it felt like I would break the screwdriver or the board…
Thanks anyway for the good hardware.

Strange, mine weren’t that tight. Sorry to hear yours were.

I had the some problem, one of the PCIe screws was that tight, I broke it’s head. Only way to remove it was the uninstallation of the board.