Write system log to file not working

Turris Omnia - rtrom01
Turris OS 3.9.6
Kernel 4.4.119-082ea0f4a4e204b99821bedcb349ed54-0

having set option log_file '/data/log/system.log' in /etc/config/system does not produce a single byte there.

/data is a mount point (exf4 partition) of an msata (sda) drive mounted inside the router.

There are various other log files in the same directory and being written too just fine. File is owned by root with rw-r–r-- (0644) permission.

Same here (and i think it never worked when changed in foris/luci aka in sytem config) ; log file was created in /var/log folder.
The real config for syslog is /etc/syslog-ng.conf. You can change/add new “destination” there ( some inspiration (in CZ sorry) : Zmena lokace pro logy )

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