Wlan 5g not starting most of the time


160MHz is not working here, no. iw phy0 info reports the same thing as you, and the log is also the same when trying to set it to 160MHz.


OK thank you. So it seems driver needs to be updated to support 160 MHz DFS scan.


I also have a similar problem, but only sometimes.
The turris reboots and has no wifi, another reboot and all is fine…
the PCI device is not listed by lspci when it does not work…
but after a reboot, so far, all has been well.


Yes, known issue with the wifi board shipped with the turris. I had exactly the same issue. Every time I rebooted the turris (or it got auto-rebooted because of updates) wifi was down. Most of the time a simple reboot was enough but sometimes it even needed 2-3 reboots to come up again.

Since I have replaced the existing card with the wle1000v5-20 from compex (only 3 antennas, so I didn’t have to replace them) wifi is working perfectly fine (see my posts above). I never had the issue again that wifi didn’t come up. The only issue I still have is that signal strength or bitrate showing but it was the same with the shipped card as well. Maybe someone bould provide a board-5.bin which would make this work but you can of course also go for the bigger card WLE1216V5-20 which has 4 antennas and is a bit newer chipset wise and I think there you could even have the signal strength working


edit: just found that thread: https://github.com/greearb/ath10k-ct/issues/22#issuecomment-398931901
Seems there’s an option to get it working but unfortunately I’m no real crack in linux - maybe you guys know how to build ko-modules and all the other stuff?

mPCIe slots and 802.11AC wave 2