Wizard is broken when there is no WAN

I have no WAN connection at the moment (SFP module not yet delivered), so I connected my Turris only to local LAN. The wizard was not tested when there is no WAN and I was unable to set it up correctly (e.g. for updates) until I went to detail configuration adding default gateway manually.

Not sure if this is the right place for bugreports.

This isn’t right place for bugreports. You should write it to tech.support(at)turris(dot)cz

Reported, thanks. Let’s see.

Any updates on this? I am experiencing the same issue, as I wanted to configure the device off-network initially.

I found a “workaround” on this. What i did was getting to the step of “wan-testing etc.”. Then i left that tab open because you already have configured the password for Foris and LuCI and i opened a new tab. In that tab i went to LuCi and i configured the necessary settings. In my case i don’t have SFP as WAN, but my case was WAN being through WiFi. So when i configured the settings, i went back to the tab with the wizard and retested the WAN and rest of the steps. All went as normal.

In your case because SFP is a module that you have to install, maybe download the *.ipk file, put it on a USB-stick. Install it through ssh the “opkg install (module-name).ipk”

This is btw, the url to get to LuCi

My issue is I completely skipped the wizard, [well, i click through and ignored the errors on WAN, as it was not connected]. I wanted to configure my NAS off network and confirm that i have everything configured before i swap out my existing router.

So far, I have been messing with the Physical Settings under Interfaces to bridge the WAN interface to the LAN one, but not sure if this is the proper way to do it. I’ll keep working on it, as i do not want to Factory reset the router, as I would likely have to redo the NAS/RAID config i finally got working.

Is there a way to manually kick-off the wizard again?

You could try this from SSH connection:

uci set foris.wizard.finished=0
uci commit

Thanks! I ended up just setting the VLAN Eth0.2 as the bridge between WAN and LAN. Seems to be working at the moment. I will save off the command for future reference.