Wireless printer suggestion


would it be possible to suggest me wireless printer which works fine with Turris Omnia. I’m looking for print for small home usage.

Thank’s in advance for tips.

Sorry that I don’t have exact suggestion but IMHO either you are looking for WLAN or LAN capable printer where TO “compliance” is nearly irrelevant or you want to connect USB printer to TO make it network capable via CUPS or similar where compatibility is needed. Or did I misunderstood something (again :slight_smile: )?

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But network capable printer will serve clients by itself, it only need TO as lan switch or router.

EDIT: But I’m also curious about suggestions. I just think that there’s nothing specific about TO in this matter.

The only advance you could achieve is change USB only printer to network printer. Thus looking for compatibility with TO is justified in this case.
But if you already have network printer (regardless whether LAN or WLAN), TO acts only as switch/AP.