Wireguard connection drops

I have an Omnia device and route my network traffic through Mullvad VPN via wireguard and the connection drops multiple times a day, oftentimes every 3-5 minutes. This would require either a reboot of the Omnia or to change the Mullvad server in the wireguard interface in order to connect to the Internet again.

I discovered that opening a terminal and pinging a site via any device on the network would keep the connection alive. This was an admittedly hacky workaround until TOS 4.0.5. Since the update to TOS 5.0 this is no longer the case. The connection is slightly more stable when doing this but it still drops at least twice a day.

I was in contact with Mullvad support but they were unable to provide me with any assistance as the issue appears to be with the Omnia. I used a spare computer connected directly on my ISP modem to test the connection to Mullvad and the connection remained stable for about 10 days before I switched it off as I didn’t want it running 24/7.

I don’t know which logs would be useful in troubleshooting this so I will wait for some instruction before I supply any.