Windows 7 and 10 PC not able to see each other or NAS after latest Turris update

I am using the NAS function on my Omnia and have the router connected to a Windows workgroup network consisting of two Windows 10 computers and a Windows 7. Everything was working fine until either the 3.10.4 update or the 3.10.5. Now my Windows 7 and one Windows 10 PC cannot see any other computer on the network or the NAS on Omnia. There were no changes done to the PCs. The only change was the automatic Omnia software upgrade. Any ideas?

With the update to Windows 10 --> 1803 the workgroup network was removed by Microsoft. I guess You updates Your Windows 10 computer and lost this old feature. There are other solutions to be found by googeling this issue.

Using a workgroup is still an option on my Win 10 machine. The question is also why can I not now see my NAS drive connected to the router on my Win 7 machine and one Win 10 connected through wifi? Oddly my other Win 10 connected with Ethernet to the router can see the NAS.

I discovered something interesting. If I view the network on my Win 7 box I don’t see the NAS, however, If I type in the search “\nas” it comes up and I can use it or map it. There appears to be something wrong with the way it is identifying itself on the network.

I was able to solve the problem on my Win 7 box by turning on the “Computer Browser” service. Having it off wasn’t a problem before Turris update.

I’m guessing you’re running into the nmbd style issues.
Microsoft wants to get rid of it.
If you have the time and knowledge you could try setting up an Active Directory domain.