Will a factory reset also reset changes made via LUCI/SSH?

Hey Everyone

I’m looking at this document here https://docs.turris.cz/hw/omnia/rescue-modes/ and I’m wondering if performing a “Rollback to factory reset” will also set everything back to default that was performed from an SSH terminal (such as manual modifications perfomed to /etc/config/network).


Yes, it will.


All data, settings and software in the internal storage of the router are erased and replaced by the factory defaults. Internally the file system rolls back to a special snapshot (the one that has been created in the factory). Please use this mode when you lose your password and all means of access to the router or when the return to the latest snapshot (mode 2) is not sufficient to repair broken system.

petrcerny thank you for your quick reply. Glad to know i can’t hose the device too bad.

You can use the rollbacks to the last working state. Ideally do a snapshot right before any very “dangerous” change.