WIFI sleep mode: only ICMP works on WiFi after some time

I have a weird problem, I am using only Radio 1 on 2.4 GHZ - 20, so nothing special.

My computer (MacBook Pro) and also iPad after it goes to sleep cannot connect via http or tcp to anything inside of the network and outside of the network, at the same time interestingly enough two things work:

  1. ping (IPV4), didn’t check IPV6 requests to all computers in the network and to the internet
  2. osx machines communicate using chrome via some sort of broadcast to exchange on which pages I am locally in the same network (that also works)

What could be the reason, I believe I don’t have any fancy settings, kernel and system does not indicate any issues.

I guess nobody here can read tea leaves but perhaps pointing me to way to diagnoze the problem would help.

What is worth to mention is that closing wifi and opening WIFI connection again solves the issues again for a few minutes but this is not the way I want to operate all the time…

I have also not observed this problem on LAN as my other computer (iMac 5k) is hooked up to router via ethernet.

Actually in the evening also wired ethernet stopped working, I had to do factory reset. So far so good but I don’t feel confident since I have no idea what caused this problem and it may happen again.

Factory reset didn’t help, eventually I ran into issues. Now I am trying to run radio0 instead of radio1 - maybe drivers for radio1 or hardware is busted.