Wifi radio0 broken

Hi all,
maybe someone here could help me faster than techsupport (where I also wrote email 30 minutes ago):
Initial issue:
1, AC radio (Qualcomm Atheros QCA9880 802.11bgnac (radio0)) was subjectively and also objectively extremly slow (according to speedtest.net and infro from LuCi), around 6 Mbit/s.
2, I tried restart, no success. Original settings were:
3, I tried to change them, I chose channel 140 (because according to WifiInfoView, it was broadcasting on weird channel, I do not remeber which one, but the number was extremly low on 5GHz)
4, Since than, this adapter is not working at all and I cannot make it work (returning previous settings does not help):

5, Bonus - Wifi option in Foris also does not work:

Thanks in advance

Try delete /etc/config/wireless, reboot and start over again in Foris config. That was help me in past.

Hi, yes, techsupport contacted me yesterday evening, I got this advice, and it helped. But now I am back to my original problem - extremly slow 5G wifi…

Hello @Petki just a suggestion, you are sure there is no interference from someone using the same 5G frequency in close proximity to yourself? You’ve probably already checked it, but I just wanted to help you :wink: I had the same thing recently and it just turned out to be a new 5G router signal in close proximity.

Thanks for idea, but no, problem was something else -> bug in LuCi… long story short, setting wifi there is simply bad idea, since it will somehow mess it. And I needed to touch it there, because I needed also TKIP encryption allowed (air conditioning, although 6 month old, still using just this old encryption…). But for now solved, I just changed 2,4GHz and let 5GHz as it was.

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