WiFi keeps going out

So I am not sure what is going on at all with my Omnia, everyday I have to restart the router a few times because the wifi signal just disappears. I don’t have an ethernet port on any of my devices so to actually connect to the router - have to restart it. Naturally I can’t see the logs prior to what happened. Any advice? My automatic updater is on, basically it’s all stock settings. I am only using the 5ghz WAN, the 2.4 is disabled. (no reason for it to be enabled, my house is quite small).

Happens to nearly everyone on version 3.3.
The new Candella ath10k driver is junk, yesterday nbd (one of the core LEDE developers)
committed some fixes to it:

hopefully NIC.CZ will pull them into the next release soon.

oh wow! great to know! Hopefully they will release a patch soon.