Wifi hardware with non-wifi firmware?

I apologize for first emailing you this question before noticing this forum. I’m posting it here as well as you might notice it faster here (and campaign time is running out) and the answer could benefit others.

Will you be offering different firmwares for the wifi version and the non-wifi version? The reason is that I at the moment would like to run a completely open firmware (so no proprietary wifi blobs included in the firmware at all), but I may want to buy the hardware including the wifi for possible future use (by changing from non-wifi firmware to wifi firmware). That would be great!

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I think the firmware will be the same. But it’s not a monolithic blob, it’s more a linux-like operating system with packages, where Wi-Fi drivers are some packages. You are free to uninstall then when not needed.

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I’d like the code in the wifi blobs to never have been executed, even for a short while. Is it possible to achieve this, or will they always be loaded on boot if they’re installed, so on the first boot after flashing the firmware they will inevitably be loaded and code from them executed?

Also, are you on the CZ.NIC team and so your answers are the official answers?

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The Wi-Fi blob is a file in /lib/firmware directory that is uploaded to the CPU of the Wi-Fi adapter during HW detection. When there’s no Wi-Fi card, there is no place the blob could be uploaded to so it will just lie there on the filesystem. The blob is never executed on the main Omnia CPU.

I see. Would it be easy to buy the hardware with wifi cards but remove them physically from the Omnia myself and save them for possible future use? Would it just be a few screws for the chassis and then pull out the card(s), or is anything soldered or mounted too tight for removal/reinsertion?

Yes, they have stated several times that they will try to make the design and case as open and hackable as possible.

Yes, of course, they are just MiniPCI express card. You’ll just need a screwdriver. :wink:

Thank you both for the replies! =o)

I’m sorry if I asked questions already answered elsewhere. With all the discourse topics and the comments on the Indiegogo campaign, there is a lot to read.