WiFi drops on Lenovo Yoga 2 tablet

Hi everyone,
I’m having a slight issue with my Omnia. Had to do a factory reset earlier today, and since then there have been issues with my wife’s tablet (830L Lenovo). The (2.4GHz) wifi irregularly drops connection and reconnects after a few seconds, making using the tablet a bit of a PITA.
I know a similar problem was reported with the original Turris, but thought that Omnia uses a different vlan chipset.
Any help would be appreciated.

Please bear in mind I’m a linux noob, so be patient with me please :slight_smile:

I had similar problem on the original Turris with new computer - old computer was OK and new one lost connection very often - the WiFi was not visible from time to time after connection lost. I disabled WMM on the SSID seting on Turris a also set directly one of the channels - disabled auto set of channels. For the time being it seems to be OK - we will see in few more days.