Wifi Connected but no IP connectivity

I had issues with TOS3 and I was hoping to fix them with TOS5, but they are still there.
I have the Turris Omnia running TOS5 HBS. Standard Wifi cards.
Issue is on both 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz, I’m using different SSID and most devices are in the 5Ghz WAN.
I noticed this with Windows and Android clients. All devices have static lease with 4h lease time.
Randomly devices lose connectivity:

  • wifi signal is strong and devices is still connected
  • device loses connectivity to the internet and the LAN
  • is not reachable.
  • dissociating and reconnecting wifi will fix the issues
  • sometimes device regain connectivity by itself
  • no errors/warnings in the logs
  • one device may have problem while others are ok

I did setup Collectd Ping to ping every 10 seconds:

  • google.com (ipv4) and ipv6.google.com
  • (modem)
  • (IoT device on WAN5Ghz)
  • (IoT device on WAN2.4Ghz)
    No drops are seen on those trends.

Did you experience this type of issues?
Any idea what it could be?

I have exactly the same issue. I also started with TOS3. Then I updated to TOS5.1 hoping that this issue is fixed. I’m using apple devices from iPhone and iPad and Mac. All devices are facing this issue.To fix this connectivity issue I have to disablie my WiFi and reenable it. I’ve already followed many threads describing this issue. No fix until now.

As i am not so skilled and familiar with dhcp vs wifi, take below notes as hints …

some notes

There are static and dynamic lease files (depending on, if you are using static or dynamic domains), where each dhcp client has own entry. If client is disconnected, it might be the case, that at the time of “refresh lease” there is still entry present for that host:ip combo and client lease is not refreshed (not yet expired, not yet removed from lease file, or there is duplicate entry -> the only one occurance is removed/refreshed…).

If you are using /etc/hosts, entries from that file will be used/will be present in “dhcp.leases” file. In some cases, you can have duplicate entries there , that might cause some issues.

If you are using static lease, why to use 4h lease time ?( you can have “infinite” instead)

If you are using dynamic domains, it is recommended to use Luci/Network/Hostnames instead of “hosts” file and add all hostnames there (without the domain sufficx and in lower case).

In /etc/config/dhcp you can configure the lease time, by default you have 82800 for lan and 41400 for wifi-guest. In /etc/config/network you can configure lease time for each “static lease” entry/host individually. Maybe you have discrepancy between network and dhcp uci configs.

Is it possible that you have static lease for 4hours meanwile dhcp thinks it is 12 or 24hour, so that cause that dhcp.lease is not updated and no refresh lease occurs?

I would set the lease time to “infinite” for your static hosts or change static to dynamic lease.

Thank you for the ideas. I think it is a problem with the DHCP too.
I don’t use dynamic domains, and I don’t have entries in /etc/hosts.
I had IP addresses assigned by the DHCP by default. I was having these issues.
I changed all of them to static lease with 4h, I don’t remember why I picked that number.
Now I changed to “infinite”, I will monitor and update the thread.
The occurrences are probably 3-5 times a week, in different devices. I think more devices may have this problems, but sooner or later they may renew a lease.
Since I am at home more often, these problems are more frequent.