Wifi as ISP (net redundancy by wifi connecting to an external AP)


so it is nice TO have internet redundancy options with sim card slots and SFP. But what about with the most obvious choice: use the one of the wifi cards as the source of internet by connecting to an access point. Right now I am at a place where I dont have a dedicated net connectons but I could use my normal UPC internet subscription on a different place with its Wi-free service. And I would like to use TO to be my gateway and share that internet with all internal devices, and I could also use my services running on TO (like nextcloud and OpenVPN).

Is this possible? It would be really nice to have a step-by-step documentation about this how to do it.
Btw is it enough to have 1 Wifi card for both: connecting to AP and also sharing that net to other devices to a laptop and phone? Or both card is necessary: so that it is only possible that 1 card connects to AP and the second card could only share the net the the internal devices??

Thanks in advance.

One radio as CLI and second as AP should be definitely possible but haven’t tried my self. To have CLI/AP on one radio is no go I think. Probably WDS should work but your devices won’t be NATed. And maximum theoretical throughput will be reduced to less than 50% (half duplex).

I expect CLI stands here for the client (for me as a linux user it stands for command line interface :slight_smile: ).
Good points you are adding here, so basically we would need 2 cards for optimal usage. Now only a detailed desciption about the configs and steps would be very nice how to accomplish this. I’m not really famaliar with configuring wifi via the commonad line. I expect some kind of wpa_suppicant usage would be needed.

I will not give you detailed how-to but I would try following:
0) use schnapps to create snapshot

  1. In Luci create client interface for radio0
  2. create bridge over existing WAN and radio0 client interface, obtain IP via DHCP (by this method you shouldn’t need to mess with anything else to get WAN up and running)
  3. remove radio0 client interface from existing LAN bridges if there are some existing already
  4. create AP interface on radio1
  5. assign this interface to LAN bridge (or create bridge if not existing), set DHCP server on bridge

In theory should work. But always there are some obstacles… :wink:


tx for the hints, I will consider it. In the meantime I have also found a nice howto for openwrt if anyone else is also interested, I think it is the one that we may need here:

If I will have the time, I will try that on TO.

Just go to Luci -> Wireless and Scan for Networks. Then Connect to the desired network.

Luci will guide you trough some settings and at the end of this process you have a new interface wwan under wan which provides internet access to your local devices.

it is very nice feature, thanks for sharing. I assume I have to choose client mode. I could connect but I still do not have internet connection neither on the router nor on the other devices.
I expect I need to add manually a default gateway with: “ip route add default dev wlan1”. Because there was no default gateway. Is it needed? I tried but still no connection. Do I need set anything else? Maybe on the second wifi card?

it seems that only the signal was too weak, and it just works now. Thanks again for the valuable feedback!