WiFi accesspoint to be used with Omnia

Hello, do you have some recommendation for good AP to be used with Omnia? Currently 5GHz wifi so totally unreliable, so I would like to use some external device. 5GHz, stable…

… just wondering. What exactly is wrong in your case? There are many reported issues with wifi after system update to 3.3 or/and 3.4, just look around this forum. Sometimes even if thread is for 2,4G there are comments also for 5G. As i understand upcoming update to 3.5 should solve most of it.

I have similar problems like those alerady reported - time to time 5Ghz just stop working. 3.3/3.4 did not solved that, in fact it is still “next update will solve it”.

I like all that idea of Omnia and thik its great project, I also understand that its still being developed, but I did not expected that there will be such problems with basic functionality Omnia is being presented as finished secure router and such problems can damage its reputation.

Short version: - wifi is not reliable so I am looking for easiest solution, using external AP looks easiest now.


Hi, I’m thinking in the same way as you do. I’m looking forward for UniFi AP AC LR Pro, UniFi AP LR or mAP from MikroTik.

I can recommend UBNT UniFi AP AC PRO, that I use without problems for seven months.

I use a Linksys WRT1900AC (v1) for my AP. it’s running OpenWRT CC (with a few tweaks) and is stable on both 2.4 and 5GHz although most clients are hitting it on the 2.4GHz band. 5GHz is strong, stable and fast. This isn’t because I had any issues with the Omnia, which I only ever planned to use as a router. In that mode, it’s been rock solid. The AP is centrally located in the house and the TO is in the basement so wouldn’t be ideal for wifi anyway.