Wi-Fi repeater (not vulnerable to KRACK)

My own ZyXel repeater that I bought years ago is according to the vendor at the end of cycle and will not receive any security update. It is on the other hand the most powerful device on 2.4 GHz one can imagine. It is capable of up to 300 mbit on this frequencies. So there is no real reason to that. They are destroying our natural environment because of their laziness.

I am just thinking about buying new device. But I do not see ANY repeater capable of imunity against crack.

What have you guys made? What about changing firmware to some open-source? Do you know about some devices capable of that?

Or wishing for Turris Omnia repeater device? It would have been better to have good mesh support with another 5GHz actually …

I use a Netgear Orbi for my WiFi access points. It is both 802.11N and AC with a separate backhaul radio.

I disabled the radios in the Turris Omnia and set the Orbi as an access point vs. router. It is a mesh product and I have two stations. It’s also available in a 3 pack for larger areas. I’m very happy with it.

Well it seems that there Is no chance that your Zyxel will be updated. Turris OS for Omnia and blue Turris 1.0/1.1 was also already patched so no need to disable radio on any Turris. But in order not to be vulnerable all your devices eg. notebooks, phones and tablet has to be updated as well othervise you still will be vulnerable to KRACK if you keep connecting with unpatched devices. Windows 10 was already updated long time ago, macOS was updated last week so did iOS 11 devices. Problem are with old android devices that will likely will not be updated ever as this is big shortcoming of Android. So unless you literally throw old Android devices you still will be vulnerable to Krack even after you patched your TO router. I choosen devices capable of running mokeedev android rom that get patched and build everyday and update my android devices to latest 7.1.2 Android after 10. every month when google release android security bulletin on 5. of everymonth and patches are merged into nighly build of mokeedev every night. But I am not going to throw old android tablets being aware that I could be hacked.Needles to say old iOS devices with no update from Apple are in same situation as old Android devices.

To your question you could browse on aliexpress for some openwrt capable router and after you verify that such choosen device has already compiled image of openwrt recently you could go and buy device from aliexpress and flash openwrt image that should be already patched. Only this you have control over if device was fixed for Krack. Other option is just to google KRACK updated devices and buy it and update rom image as it is very likely devices are shipped with old vulnerable firmware.