Why Turris Omnia has two WiFi modules?

The 5Hz module can handle the 2Hz too. Then what are advantages of having a separate 2Hz module? I googles their prices and as far I remember 5Hz module costs about 50$ while the 2Hz twice cheaper.
If I’ll use two modules simultaneously then will they work faster than just one 5Hz?
I using Omnia at home and not so many clients so that one module can’t handle.
Does the 2Hz module consumes less power? If yes then does it makes sense to make it working when I leave home and when come back detect me and then enable the 5Hz module so my phone can switch to the faster WiFi.
Or for a power saving I can just simply disable the 2Hz module?
May I just remove it and sell or it may be really useful?

It is because that dualband module can work only at one of the frequencies. So, you have to have 2 modules to have 5GHz and 2 GHz at the same time.

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that means, if you only need one band, you can remove one of modules (e.g. if you want ssd and mobile backup)

it would be nice to only need one module, but from what I remember there’s no combined solution that works reliably.

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