Why OpenVPN server install doesn't start daemon automatically

After OpenVPN server install from the Omnia Foris Updater the OpenVPN server doesn’t start automatically after Omnia restart. Why? Is it a feature or a bug?

Not sure if bug or feature (it depends how you have it configured :slight_smile: maybe it started normally and failed due some issue. You can enable and reload it via /etc/init.d/openvpn enable && /etc/init.d/openvpn reload command(s). In Luci you can do very same.
Why it is happening, check the system log, maybe there is info/warning related to network/interfaces/firewall/openvpn causing that service won’t start during bootup, but start normally when started manually ad-hoc. In /etc/rc.d there should be S90openvpn and K10openvpn files for correct openvpn managing.

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it depends how you have it configured

Thank you for answer, but in fact it is the question for NIC what was their intent. I only checked OpenVPN server in Updater. Everybody expects that Foris configures the server including daemon startup correctly. If not it’s a bug that must be solved…

that just install openvpn package. If all went fine, Foris should provide “OpenVPN” in menu where you generate certificate authority first, once done you have to set it up (port, device type, routing…) after it is done “save+apply” and that will/should start the daemon.

https://doc.turris.cz/doc/en/howto/openvpn_plugin should navigate you thru openvpn plugin for Foris.

I’ve already done the installation from Foris. The problem is that Foris somehow messed the daemon installation. If I start the daemon manually from the command line it works correctly until Omnia restart…

This information helpful to me.

Have you the same experience, that manual the OpenVPN daemon start is needed?