Why develop a custom, openwrt distribution?

Please excuse the n00b question…

Why was a custom distribution of openwrt developed for the Omnia? Wouldn’t a “vanilla” version (with the suitable drivers) have worked? By creating a custom distribution, won’t there always be a substantial delay between the release of the “standard” openwrt and the Omnia version?

It does work.

That used to be an issue indeed with TOS3.x but one that appears to be remedied with TOS4.x and successors

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Obviously, some “features” are missing in vanilla, but on the forum I’ve seen some people who didn’t care for these and switched to pure OpenWRT.

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So the biggest reason for the TOS approach is (seamless) automatic updates; OpenWrt does not aim to actually achieve that at all, so it also is not geared up to actually do so. IMHO this feature alone would have been worth the price of my omnia… (That said, I still use OpenWrt on my primary router as I want/need to test with current master, and I really want to have the omnia available as a semi-hot spare router if the main router does not work do to bugs, semi-hot as I still need to switch cables around).

Please keep up the good work!

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schnapps (with btrfs) is worth to be mentioned (least for users testing config and stuff)


And data collecting system too (aka Sentinel) …

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