Why Altus Designer?

I wonder why you decided to design the router in Altus Designer especialy when this software is for Windows only and does not fit into open source world?

Will there be any option how to get schematics and PCB designs from Altus Designer into KiCAD for example?


Not Altus, but Altium was used.
For boards of this complexity, using a simple PCB design tool like KiCAD or Eagle is … a waste of time.
I have used various PCB design tools and for simple things like “yet another Arduino module”, Eagle and KiCAD are OK for me. But for something like x86 mainboard or Turis, using Altium will accelerate the design process several times.

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I have to agree with @dulik - Altium is very powerful and significantly simplifies complex designs such as Omnia. This is why we decided to use it.

On the other hand, @Filip is right - it does not fit well into the open world and in fact, the hardware developers have the only Windows machines in the team, which is a pain sometimes… :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you for the answers. I agree that Altium can significantly simplify development complexity. On the other hand Altium is not free software. So when I would like to make ie. “Omnia shield” (like Arduino shields) How would I do this? Do I need to use Altium trial and use design from that? Won’t you provide some simple libraries with ie. GPIO headers for KiCAD or some other PCB design softwares?