Which TRNG chip are you using?

Could you shed some light on the crypto chip that you’re using? Is it a STM32F103 like the NeuG?

Atmel ATSHA204 or ATSHA204A. I think the latter one was said in the comments on indiegogo.

Thanks! Too many comments to go through :wink:

Looks like this is more to act like a TPM than to be a TRNG, but we can always add a NeuG USB key for that :slight_smile:

Its RNG should work like Linux /dev/random or urandom. I think even most TPM work this way. True Random would be too expensive. For everything else it works more like a printer cartridge security chip.

Yes, but I don’t trust chip only solutions :wink:

A TRNG might be too expensive to add to the MB at this stage since the design has probably been finalised, but the USB stick version could be sold as a perk for $30-40 :slight_smile:

ATSHA204 is used for seeding of RNG during the boot to cover the boot-time entropy hole (and also as a TPM as @interfaSys pointed out). It theoretically can be used as a RNG source, but generating of random numbers causes EEPROM writes in the chip itself, which could lead to a premature failure if used heavily.

You can connect the 3 pin version of the chip to the extra pins in the Omnia (vcc, ground, sda). Like in the circuit here: https://www.sparkfun.com/products/retired/11551

Library should be already included. It may be a nice project.
At least you don’t burn the eeprom on board.

If ever helpful, you might plug OneRNG - Open Hardware design, using Open Source/Free firmware - http://www.onerng.info

I like the design and philosophy, but it’s twice as slow as a STM32F103 based solution.