Which RF cable type is recommended for LTE U.FL / RP-SMA pigtails?


as I’ve originally ordered Omnia without LTE perk and it seems it won’t be re-listed anymore, I’d like to ask people which already have some experience with LTE to recommend which pigtails will be working well.

In my country (Slovakia), there are 3 freq ranges used: 800MHz, 1800MHz and 2600MHz.
In my case, I’ll be most probably covered by 1800MHz and/or 2600MHz bands.

As freq ranges are not much that different from 2,4GHz (wi-fi), will any common pigtail sold in wifi shops do the trick?
Or is LTE more sensitive to rf path quality?

Searching in shops/ebay, pigtails are being made mostly of RG174, RG178, or RG316 cable.
Which one will be good here?
According to cable specs, RG316 is having much better attenuation - I’m just not sure whether it actually matters :slight_smile:

Any advices? :slight_smile:

Datasheets I’ve been looking at:
RG174: http://www.belden.com/techdatas/metric/8216.pdf
RG178: http://www.belden.com/techdatas/english/83265.pdf
RG316: same as above, just with “83284.pdf” at the end of link

Well, I used RF 915 LTA to connect external LTE antenna to my Omnia…it is 10m run…

I would think it mostly depends on the strength of the LTE signal in your area - if it’s strong then the small loss won’t make much difference, but if you’re trying to pull in weak signals or the antenna has a lot of loss also, you may have more problems.