Where to set DHCP-pushed DNS?


where do I set the DNS information Turris Omnia pushes to devices in the LAN via DHCP?

Currently, my Turris Omnia tells my end user devices to use Turris Omnia ( for DNS resolution. But I would like it to tell my devices to use specific external servers (but not the ISP’s DNS). I can’t find the relevant setting in the interface. I’ve searched the basic interface as well as LuCI, but to no avail.

I must be missing something rather basic. Thank you.

Go to the Network > Interfaces > LAN page
Scroll down to DHCP server and click the Advanced Settings tab
The last option there is where you push that info - for example, I have:
to tell my clients to use my PiHole DNS server at


Thank you! That was it.

Issue solved. :slight_smile:

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