Where to find a MOX firmware image for downloading

Hi folks!

Long story short:
Where can i download a MOX firmware image that can be copied onto a SD card using Windows? I found the Medkit but that’s not it.

The whole story:
I set up some LAN and WLAN interfaces and firewall policies using LuCi and it works all fine for a month or so except that in Foris and reForis some configuration pages ends up with czech error pages. This did not change after upgrading to Turris 5.x (hbs).

I find this annoying and it keeps me nagging that sooner or later some more bigger issues may come up. So i reset the MOX to the factory defaults using reForis - and some more bigger issues came up.

Using Mozilla Firefox (current version) the MOX’ landing page just displayed the Turris logo close to the upper left corner. Using Microsoft Edge (also current version) the landing page offered reForis, but not Forris nor LuCi. I set the password and without any further chages i switched branches to hbs using ssh. The upgrade was installed and now i can not access the landing page no matter what browser i use and any trying to set up a ssh connection ends with “unknow error”. However, the routers DCHP server is working as my computer gets a valid IP address (192.168.1.x)

I tried the reset modes but it seems i am too dumb to hit the button at the right time. (I tried this even before all this right after i got the router and played with some settings. However after the kernel startet the LED was always ongoing blinking two times followed by a pause (blink blink pause blink blink pause and so on) but the router was working fine so i did not care too much at that time.)

Thanks in advances and kind regards!

If you need to reflash your router then medkit is what you need… not sure why you say that’s not it. You can format the SD card as FAT32 and copy the file under Windows I think.
Docs Turris rescue modes & re-flash

Thanks for your answer and apologies for my delayed reply. Medkit is not it because for what reason ever it is not possible to cycle through the reset modes.