Where to buy replacements (power supply, antennas, etc.)

Dear Turris community,

We noticed that some of you had asked us in the support department to buy replacement places.

In cases like you broke the antenna or even your small little friends :rabbit: :cat: :dog: wanted to tell you that you should not always be connected from everywhere. :slight_smile:

We prepared you a list of replacement parts that you can buy from our distributor Discomp.cz. Since today, we are not selling replacement parts directly.

If you are not sure which router do you have before buying replacement parts, take a look at our documentation:

The list is going to be from time to time updated.

~ Last updated on 30/12/2022


Turris 1.x routers (research project in the Czech Republic)

  • antennas:
  • PSU for Turris 1.0:

Turris Omnia

  • antennas:
  • Wi-Fi card 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz:
  • diplexer:
  • 3D holder for diplexer:
  • black housing:
  • power supply:
  • NAS pack:
  • LTE pack:
  • Rack mount:
  • LED separator:
  • PGM-6 plug cover

Turris MOX and Turris Shield common section

power supply:

connecting plastics:

Turris MOX addons:

  • SDIO Wi-Fi card discontinued.

  • miniPCie Wi-Fi card:

Turris MOX modules:

  • Extension module:
  • Ethernet module:
  • SFP module:
  • Super Ethernet module:
  • USB module:
  • Super Extension module:
  • PoE module: