Where can I buy a matching power supply?

I noticed that I seem to have misplaced one of the two power supplies that came with my two Omnias each. Where can I by another?

Or is there some power supply out there which is compatible albeit not identical?

Hello @gymir,

If you would like to buy replacement for the power supply, don’t hesitate to reach us on tech.support@turris.cz.

Thanks, looks that after a brief time of using said device the WAN socket doesn’t work anymore. So I effectively have a spare power supply now.

(Bought two Omnia, one 1 GB and one 2 GB during the crowdfunding campaign)

Hello @gymir,

I am sorry to hear that the WAN port is not working.

I hope you didn’t throw away your router. I think Turris router is a kind of expansive device to do this because of one port.

Turris OS, which is installed on Turris routers, allows you to configure WAN on one of LAN ports, which could be a solution for you.

Another solution really depends on what happened with your WAN port, if it is just a configuration issue or it is some kind of hardware problem, which could possibly lead to paid repair. I would like to tell you more right now, but we will need some more information in this case.

If you want to help with your router, reach us at tech.support@turris.cz. and we can look closely at your problem and hopefully make your router working again. Send us pictures of WAN port, router, also diagnostic files could help.

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I managed to find a reseller for a Turris Omnia power supply willing to deliver to Germany. The price was roughly 20 € plus delivery costs.


Delivery was very fast. I transferred the money on Monday morning, it was confirmed by the seller the same evening, an hour later I received an email by a logistics provider. The delivery was attempted on Thursday (I wasn’t at home at the time, so that failed) and I could finally pick it up on Friday. All good. Note, though, that the C8 cable was not included. Just the power supply and the cable to connect to the Turris Omnia.

Original power supply


New power supply


All relevant details match.

The reseller is scav.cz.

Bought this one. More power better performance.

It is a question if it was necessary to revive almost ~2 yrs old thread, but there is this thread, which I created:

You can see that our distributor Discomp.cz is selling both Turris Omnia and Turris MOX power supply, in cases such as if it is lost or damaged. Also, it is available in retail. I checked it, and many sellers have it.

We recommend using only our power supply with our products, not others, to prevent any issues which could appear.