When will Turris OS 3.x end of life?

Hi, not trying to raise any controversy, but I had a question in my mind, when will Turris 3.x stop getting updates? Does the team have a set of features they feel they need to complete in 4.x before this happens (I presume 3.x -> 4.x in place upgrade is one of them)

The challenge for the developers is probably

which seems a complex undertaking to cover broad user deployment scenarios [1] as the majority of users on the Turris and Turris Omnia platforms would likely expect an automatic and a smooth transition from TOS3.x.

Whilst the TOS4.x stable release is available since a while (October 5th 2019) [2] only a few users would appear to have opted to deploy it from scratch till date, solely judging by relevant forum posts that is.

Since the maintenance of legacy TOS3.x, which is outdated in various aspects, is binding development resources it would indeed be good to know when it will be dropped altogether and thus liberating development resources for other tasks.

On the subject of development resources that leads to [3] and whether TOS4.x (based on OpenWrt 18.06) should be skipped in favour of TOS5.x (based on contemporary OpenWrt 19.07) considering [4]

OpenWrt 19.07 stable version series. It is the successor of the previous 18.06 stable major release

Whilst OpenWrt 19.07 been released rather recently (beginning of January 2020) and featuring the same kernel version (4.14) as OpenWrt 18.06 the upstream developers and package maintainers are likely to drop support for the 18.06 branch rather sooner than later and subsequent rendering TOS4.x legacy too.

From that perspective it would perhaps make sense to concentrate development resources on TOS5.x and drop TOS3.x and TOS4.x sooner than later - to stay synchronised with upstream development and not be burdened with maintaining three branches - as opposed to one.

That said, OpenWrt as upstream distro has not made it any easier for the TOS development team with the much delayed release of OpenWrt 19.07 and upstream’s indecision about the deployment of kernel versions and Wlan drivers. Notwithstanding, having introduced a major bug at last moment prior the release of 19.07 [5].

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